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November 15 2014 10:09:06 AM | Tags: Development  Lotus Designer  Eclipse 

I move around a lot. So I have to work with different installations of Lotus Designer. Finally I am completely fed up with recreating my Lotus Script code templates. But as Designer is based on Eclipse, you will find a lot of changable settings under the workspace folder. Have a look into
where you see many files that change the behavior of the whole Eclipse framework.

For example, contains the settings for my code templates. I like to add some error handling and OpenLog compatible comments. Due to escaping tabs, CR/LF, whitespaces and so on it is not nice to read. But copy to another workstation just works! As far as I can see, even for different client versions.

#Sun Sep 28 10:54:44 CEST 2014
lsee.codeTemplates.SUB=\tOn Error GoTo ErrorThrower\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\tExit Sub\r\nErrorThrower\:\r\n\tError Err, Error & " (" & Err & "), " & Chr(10) + " Module\: " &_\r\n\t\tCStr( GetThreadInfo(1) ) & ", Line\: " & CStr( Erl )\=Courier New;fontSize\=10;normalText\=rgb(0,0,0) 0;identifiers\=rgb(0,0,0) 0;keywords\=rgb(0,0,200) 1;comments\=rgb(0,150,0) 1;multilineComments\=rgb(0,150,0) 1;constants\=rgb(100,0,200) 2;directives\=rgb(0,200,0) 3
# and much more like above...

Here is the complete file:
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